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Devoted to the music of Terri Templeton (with a tip of her hat to English composer Henry Purcell), Spark pronounces in a distinctly personalized language the familiar journey we all take: a journey started and restarted each day and finished in the dream-trip we take each night, fueled by fantasy rising to the poetic. Rich in musical ideas and meaning, these songs are full of Terri's intelligence, poetry, and heat. Think of a diary, think of each day written in pictures and song with the qualities of imagination, humor, and passion, above all, filled with the playful soulfulness we have learned to expect from anything Terri sets her hand to. For this album, Terri has invited a trio of musicians who share the same joy for making music and the same passion for language. On guitar, fusion guitarist Paul Nelson. On bass, NYC session guru Kenji Yamauchi. On drums and percussion, Boston's Boogaloo Swamis' own Mike Migliozzi. 2002.

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