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Poetry is meant to be spoken, and this first-ever recording of Marsden Hartley's poem Cleophas and His Own read by Michael Maglaras brings new life to this work. In September of 1943, the typescript of a private, unpublished narrative was discovered in Corea, Maine among the belongings of the American modernist painter and poet Marsden Hartley...just a few days after his death. This poem recounts a tragic story that befell the Francis Mason family: a family of farmers and fishermen with whom he lived on a remote island in Nova Scotia seven years before during the Atlantic hurricane of September 19, 1936, when Hartley lost the young man who had become the love of his life. Following the death of this young man, the last seven years of Hartley's life were devoted to reliving these experiences through poetry and painting, leaving behind a body of work, second to none in the American experience, devoted to this young man's memory and his love the Mason family. 2003.

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