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Barbara Frietchie & Other Poems is a collection of twelve of John Greenleaf Whittier's most beloved poems, set to music and read by Michael Maglaras, including The Pressed Gentian, Burning Driftwood, The Barefoot Boy, School Days and others. The music of Mendelssohn, Goosens, Vaughan Williams, and the wonderful American composer Morton Feldman provides the backdrop to these classic American poems. Massachusetts-born Whittier lived to be 85 (1807-1892). In his early years, he lived an eventful life; in middle age he established his reputation by selling 20,000 copies of the poem Snow-Bound within the first few months. In his old age, he was revered as America's fireside poet, while continuing to produce work of incomparable quality that speaks to our age as distinctly as it spoke to his own. This CD is Volume 2 of the Whittier Bicentennial Recording Project. 2007.

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Barbara Freitchie
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